Shop policies

No shows and cancellations :

We appreciate 24 hours notice for any cancellation.  We understand that situations happen and we try to be as flexible as possible, but when we are committing one on one time especially for your pet, and you don’t keep your appointment, it is a financial loss for the shop.  A $25 fee may be applied to your next visit. Chronic missed appointments may result in us asking you to find another groomer.

Fleas :

We do not accept pets with fleas in our facility.  If your pet has fleas pleas have them treated at the vets prior to making your appointment.  If you pet makes it past check in and fleas are discovered, a $30 fee will be added to your bill for a flea funeral and clean up.

Pick up times :

We are an open concept, crate free shop, so we ask that you adhere to pick up times.  At drop off we give you either an estimate of pick up time with the promise to call you when your pet is ready, or a definite time that your pet will be ready.  We can arrange longer or shorter periods, but our shop runs smoother, when we have a limited amount of interruption and numbers of dogs in the shop.  We accomplish this by having the dogs appointment and pick up times carefully coordinated during the day.  Again, we’re flexible, depending on the day, but closer to your appointed time you can arrive and pick up, the better day it makes for all concerned.

Extra handling costs :

There may be additional charges for dogs that are extremely matted, difficult to handle, or chronically relieve themselves in the shop.

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