Our groomers

Janice Preiss,  Karine Bisson and Caryn Upton

Janice, a groomer for too many years to mention, started Scrubadub Doggies in 2009.  She wanted to develop a business that made the dogs AND the people working with them, happy.  The concept of not using cages, but instead areas to house the dogs, plus setting up a schedule so that each dog was worked on individually to make the time spent in the shop as short or long as required.  A great piece of advice Janice was given was that if your shop is booked 2 weeks out for an appointment, you need to add another groomer.  Karine Bisson was brought on board to learn not only to groom, but to listen to our customers needs and treat each every dog as our very own.  Not only are we giving your pet a grooming, we are observing important details such as changes in coat, skin, behaviour and any other concerns we will pass onto you, in case it is something that requires veterinary attention.  In 2016, as Janice scaled back on her work days, Caryn Upton joined us and is now able to complete most breeds to our standard.  We all have our favourite breeds, customers and coat types, but are able to produce the same experience, no matter which groomer does the appointment.   We are all constantly upgrading and educating our selves to keep ourselves current on the latest greatest products and techniques.